[POD App Review] Pillow Profits

  1. Ease of use
  2. Product Selections/Uniqueness
  3. Customer Support
  4. Seller Resources

We do not designate any rating however we provide ample information for you to make your own assumption about the app.

We also do not review pricing, shipping or quality with these types of reviews. That’s because those things differ from product to product. To see reviews like that please check out all of our product reviews here!

Ease Of Use: Pillow Profits is definitely an easy app to use. It has a simple user interface and is quite user friendly.

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Product creation with Pillow Profits can be somewhat tricky with certain products. Depending on the product type you may have the option of creating different variants from the product creation screen.

When we first started using this app we were confused at first by this but soon got the hang of it.

Product Selection/Uniqueness: Pillow Profits definitely has some unique products.

From shower curtains, pillow cases, shoes and hooded blankets all the way to car seat covers and floor mats – Pillow Profits definitely has something for everyone.

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Customer Support: Pillow Profits does not have a live chat feature and has a reputation of being rude in their support emails.

We had a situation with them where our customer entered their address incorrectly and the item was “returned to sender”

When we contacted Pillow Profits they told us that their policy was to let the item be destroyed by the courier, rather than receiving the package and reshipping it.

This means we had to refund the customer or pay for a replacement.

Seller Resources: Recently Pillow Profits has released some free designs and they are quite nice.

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The site also has several mockups ready for download for all of it’s products.

There is no Facebook group for the app.

Final Verdict: The app is great – however it does cost $29 a month. Recently many apps have popped up that do not charge a subscription which may be better options.