[POD App Review] Subliminator

Hey gang – Joe Robert here! Subliminator is a print on demand Shopify app that primarily offers all over print products.

From http://www.Subliminator.com

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This is much different than normal direct to garment printing as it allows for much more creativity.

On PODninjas.com when we review print on demand apps we look at 3 key categories which we discuss at length.

  1. Ease of use
  2. Product Selections/Uniqueness
  3. Customer Support
  4. Seller Resources

We do not designate any rating however we provide ample information for you to make your own assumption about the app.

We also do not review pricing, shipping or quality with these types of reviews. That’s because those things differ from product to product. To see reviews like that please check out all of our product reviews here!

Ease Of Use: Subliminator is definitely an easy app to use. The design of the app within Shopify is certainly professional and clean looking and the navigation is simple.

You can easily see products that you have uploaded with the app and all of your orders are shown in the dashboard as well.

Subliminator | All Over Print Hoodie Review

Product creation is by far it’s best attribute. Subliminator uses several design templates to create the finished product.

Screenshot from within the app.

This is awesome especially since sublimination all over print products are typically very hard to create because templates are often not user friendly.

Simply use each template to craft your design and upload it to the right spot to make your product!

Product Selection/Uniqueness: At the time this article is being written Subliminator offers only 5 different types of products.

They offer hooded blankets – and then 4 AOP products. Hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, legging and yoga pants.

Subliminator is a relatively new app – launching in the summer of 2018 which is why there are so few products.

Even though there is only 5 – these products are certainly unique in their AOP nature.

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Customer Support: At the time we’re writing this review, Subliminator currently does not have live chat. They do however have a support email that is quick to respond.

In addition to the email, they have a Facebook group which at the time of this article being written has just over 3,000 members.

This seems to be the go to place to get support for small issues such as designs – anything to do with the app or your store should be sent to their support email.

Seller Resources: Subliminator shines here as well – they offer a wide array of resources to sellers. From mockups and product videos to a massive catalogue of free designs.

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Lots of print on demand apps are beginning to offer pre made designs for their sellers to sell. This is great especially for people who do not have great design skills or access to a solid designer.

All of the pre made designs are top tier and are sure to make your Shopify store stand out.

Final Verdict: This is a very solid app. They have some great products and they are super easy to create. We are looking forward to what products they release in the future and will continue to update this review as time goes on!