[POD App Review] WC Fulfillment

  1. Ease of use
  2. Product Selections/Uniqueness
  3. Customer Support
  4. Seller Resources

We do not designate any rating however we provide ample information for you to make your own assumption about the app.

We also do not review pricing, shipping or quality with these types of reviews. That’s because those things differ from product to product. To see reviews like that please check out all of our product reviews here!

Ease Of Use: WC Fulfillment is for sure an easy app to use. They have a great looking dashboard and all of your orders and products are easily accessible.

What’s nice about this app is on the order page you can see exactly where your order is at all times. Whether it’s still processing or has been shipped you will be able to get an accurate update at all times.

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Product creation on WC Fulfillment is rather straight forward. Just upload your image, edit the prices and description and you’re good to go!

Screenshot from within the WC Fulfillment app

Product Selection/Uniqueness: Over the past 6 months WC Fulfillment has really expanded it’s product line.

They offer a great mix of products and have something for nearly every niche. From phone cases to hoodies and blankets you really cannot go wrong.

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Customer Support: WC Fulfillment has one of the best live chat’s in the industry. Everytime we have ever needed something we get an instant response.

In addition to the email, they have a Facebook group which at the time of this article being written has just over 30,000 members.

This seems to be the go to place to get support for small issues such as designs – anything to do with the app or your store should be sent to their live support.

Seller Resources: WC Fulfillment has some of the best seller resources of any POD app. They have a full selection of custom mockups with wide ranges of angles and images to go along with your products.

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In addition to mockups, there are over 100 free designs to use on your own Shopify store.

All of the pre made designs are top tier and can definitely be a great starting point for you.

Final Verdict: This app works great and we would highly recommend downloading it if you’re looking to get into print on demand!