[4.4 Ninja Stars] All Over Print It: Square Pillow Case

“This pillow case feels like a premium item, your customers will love it!”

Hey gang – Joe Robert here with another Ninja Star review. Today we’re going to be looking at the sublimation cushion cover from All Over Print It!

Cushion Cover/Pillow Case From AOP

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AOP + is a POD app based in the UK. You can read more about their products by visiting their website here.

Price: 3/5 Ninja Stars

Cushion Cover/Pillow Case: $13.99

Upside: We felt the price was a little high. Other apps have a similar pillow case – while lesser in quality they are cheaper and could allow for better margins.

This pillow case is priced higher because it is sublimation print which allows for a crisp, clearer image.

Downside: Just a bit high. Margins will be tight.

Showing soft backside of the pillow case

Shipping/Fulfillment Time: 4/5 Ninja Stars

The shipping from the UK to the USA was very fast.

Being a UK based Shopify app AOP + is able to deliver all of it’s product very quickly which is a big win.

Upside: The pillow’s tracking shows that it was shipped on 2/5 and on 2/8 it was delivered via Fed Ex.

Production time is also super fast. AOP quotes it on average of 3-5 days.

Being able to receive the item within a week or so is a huge win especially when lots of print on demand items now a days are taking up to two weeks to arrive.

For this review – we did not pay for the pillow case – the owners of All Over Print It sent it to us to review.

Shipping costs for this item are $5.49 to the USA.

Downside: We felt the shipping price was fair. No downsides.

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Design/Product Match: 5/5 Ninja Stars

Upside: The product creation for this product is very straight forward and easy.

Downside: We did not find a downside with the design or the product match.

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Quality: 5/5 Ninja Stars

Upside: The pillow case feels like a premium product. The printed sign is very soft and the print quality is quite good.

Also on the pillow case is a zipper to close the pillow inside. This zipper feels like metal – and adds to the perceived value of the item.

We saw no issues with stitching or overall construction of the pillow case.

Downside: No downsides.

Mockups: 5/5 Ninja Stars

Upside: The provided mockup for this product is something that will help your customers see exactly what they’re buying.

Downside: No downsides

Overall Rating
4.4 Ninja Stars

Upside: This product is high quality and feels like it is worth the higher than usual price tag. Your customers will have zero complaints about quality. Shipping time is also pretty fast for this item which is a huge win.

Downside: No major downsides!