[4.2 Ninja Stars] Subliminator: All Over Print Sweatshirt

“This is a sweatshirt for a rockstar…”

Hey gang – Joe Robert! Today’s Ninja Star review is on an all over print sweatshirt from Subliminator!

Sweatshirt From Subliminator

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Check out Subliminator and get more information on their website here.

Price: 4/5 Ninja Stars

Sweatshirt: $32

Upside: The price of this sweatshirt is fair and is in line with other prices from other POD apps.

You will be able to price on your store for $49.99 + and make a decent margin.

Downside: We could not find a downside with the pricing of this sweatshirt.

Close up of sleeve

Shipping/Fulfillment Time: 4/5 Ninja Stars

Upside: The shipping time was in line with estimates from the Subliminator app estimates.

Shipping is included on all Subliminator’s products. We love this!

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Another upside is they have a fulfillment center in the USA. The product comes from Asia – but your customer only see’s the USA fulfillment center address so it doesn’t look like the item is being sourced from Asia.

Downside: We deducted one point because the production and shipping takes typically two weeks from time of being ordered.

Note: We did not pay for this sweatshirt – the team at Subliminator sent them to us for free to review.

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Design/Product Match: 5/5 Ninja Stars

Upside: Every product we’ve reviewed from Subliminator always looks fantastic when compared to their mockups!

Subliminator’s unique product creation tool allows for multiple graphics to be uploaded and makes it so you can get the right look everytime.

Downside: We could not find a downside with the design/product match. Like I said, the absolute best on the market. If you find a better system, let me know so I can check them out!

Quality: 3/5 Ninja Stars

Upside: First thing’s first – the print quality is outstanding. Everything looks really crisp and the colors really pop when you see this in person.

Downside: The material used does not match calling it a sweatshirt. It feels like a jersey of sorts. It feels nice, but it could be confusing to your customers.

While it is very nice, we believe the polyester blend could confuse your customers.

Close up of neckline

Mockups: 4/5 Ninja Stars

Upside: Subliminator allows mock-ups to be shown in a JPEG or PNG file format. This is great because often times PNGs can be useful as you create graphics for your store or for your ads. They don’t really have a ton of other mock-up variants, so you are limited to essentially creating them yourself (outside of what is provided).

They also offer a video service. While you do have to pay for it, you can get a custom 3D video showing your product. This is a great way to show your customers exactly what it looks like!

Downside: The only downside in this case is the lack of mock-ups for the end results. But everything else provided, and the system itself is so good that it can’t be penalized much.

Overall Rating
4.2 Ninja Stars

Upside: If you’re looking for an AOP sweatshirt to add to your store I strongly advise you to check out subliminator.

I’ve sold lots of their items in the past and have had very few issues. Any time something did come up they took care of it immediately.

What’s nice about this hoodie is that the price is great and it shipping costs are included in the product costs. We love that!

Downside: One downside that I can add here is the shipping time – some customers may not want to wait two weeks.

The second downside is the quality. The print quality is perfect, don’t get us wrong – it’s just the material. It is thin, and doesn’t feel like a sweatshirt. Like we mentioned above it feels like a sports jersey.