[4.4 Ninja Stars] WC Fulfillment: Hooded Blanket

“Top tier hooded blanket, one of the best available!

Blanket From WC Fulfillment

Hey gang – Joe Robert here! Excited to bring you this review of the hooded blanket from WC Fulfillment!

Hooded blankets are one of my favorite print on demand products so being able to review this is definitelt exciting.

*Note – we did not pay for this blanket, it was sent to us by WC Fulfillment for free for us to review.

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  1. Price
  2. Shipping/Fulfillment Time
  3. Design/Product Match
  4. Quality
  5. Mock-ups

Check out WC Fulfillment and get more information on their website here.

Close Up Of The Blanket Hood

Price: 4/5 Ninja Stars

Hooded Blanket: $41.99

Upside: This price is competitive when it comes to hooded blankets.

WC Fulfillment offers a “premium seller” option that costs $9.99 a month and will get you an almost $2 discount per order on this hooded blanket making it only $39.99

More information about this program here.

We recommend using this if you are not already as it is something that can save you a lot of money!

Downside: Of course we would want everything to be cheaper which is why we’ve given 4/5 stars.

Shipping/Fulfillment Time: 3/5 Ninja Stars

Upside: Shipping and fulfillment time for this item is estimated by WC Fulfillment to take 15-45 days.

It took 16 days for us to receive.

Close Up Of Sherpa Lined Interior

This is well within their estimates – we also received a tracking number that showed us updates the entire way.

Shipping costs are also free for this item!

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Downside: There was no downside with the shipping costs obviously because they are free. We deducted two points as some customers may complain with an estimated 15-45 day range. We would love to see these blankets produced in the USA – however the price may not be this low if they were.

Faster production times could also help the score for the blanket.

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Design/Product Match: 5/5 Ninja Stars

As mentioned earlier we did not custom make this design nor did we pay for the blanket. This item was sent to use to review for free.

Upside: The design to product match is perfect and the design template is straight forward and easy to use. No complaints!

Downside: No downsides found with the blanket design, or product creation within the app.

Quality: 5/5 Ninja Stars

Upside: The quality is definitely is great. For hooded blankets we are going to evaluate various aspects.

Close Up Of Print Quality

Interior: The interior sherpa lining of this blanket is nice. It is not your typical “shaggy sherpa” with lots of fluff. We actually like this though. It’s very nice and it never feels dry like some sherpa lined print on demand items.

Exterior (Printed Side): The printed side of the blanket is equally soft. The print quality is also very sharp. I’ve handled many hooded blankets from WC Fulfillment in the past from sample orders and the print quality has never disappointed.

Construction: Some hooded blankets have seams at the hood and on the exterior that feel sloppy. As shown in the close up photos you can see that this blanket does not have any issues on the seams.

Hood Closeup Shown

Downside: We had zero complaints about the quality of this item.

Mockups: 5/5 Ninja Stars

Upside: WC Fulfillment has adequate mockups for you to download for this product. They are all very high quality and easy to use.

All of our mockups ratings are based on quantity, quality and ease of use.

WC Fulfillment has a ton of mockups and they show the product in all different angles. They open in Photoshop and can easily be edited.

Downside: No downsides with mockups.

Overall Rating
4.4 Ninja Stars

Upside: We’ve reviewed several blankets at pod ninjas and this one is one of the best. The print quality is great, the feel of the blanket is even better. 4.4 Ninja Stars overall!

Downside: No major downsides besides shipping time.