[4.6 Ninja Stars] WC Fulfillment: Cell Phone Wallet Case

“This changed my opinion on the wallet phone cases

Close Up Of Phone Case

Hey gang – Joe Robert here! Excited to bring you this review of the cell phone wallet case from WC Fulfillment

*Note – we did not pay for this item, it was sent free of charge for us to review!

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Ninja Star Ratings are based on 5 key categories defining an items quality and perceived value.

  1. Price
  2. Shipping/Fulfillment Time
  3. Design/Product Match
  4. Quality
  5. Mock-ups

Check out WC Fulfillment and get more information on their website here.

Inside Of The Phone Case

Price: 4/5 Ninja Stars

Phone Case: $11.99 or $9.99 with premium account.

Upside: Definitely a fair price!

WC Fulfillment offers a “premium seller” option that costs $9.99 a month and will get you an almost $2 discount per order making it only $9.99

More information about this program here.

We recommend using this if you are not already as it is something that can save you a lot of money!

Downside: Of course we would want everything to be cheaper which is why we’ve given 4/5 stars.

Shipping/Fulfillment Time: 4/5 Ninja Stars

Upside: Shipping and fulfillment time for this item is estimated by WC Fulfillment to take 15-45 days.

It took 11 days for us to receive and we had a tracking number that showed the item’s progress the whole way.

Showing Photo Taking Position

This is well within their estimates of 15-45 days.

Shipping costs for this item are 2.99

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Downside: No major downsides, just not a perfect score.

Faster production times and/or free shipping would give this items a 5/5 stars for shipping.

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Design/Product Match: 5/5 Ninja Stars

As mentioned earlier we did not custom make this design nor did we pay for the case. This item was sent to use to review for free.

Upside: The design to product match is perfect and the design template is straight forward and easy to use. No complaints!

Mockup From WC Fulfillment

Downside: No downsides found with the design creator and template.

Quality: 5/5 Ninja Stars

Upside: The quality of this phone case is nice. It is not real leather but it definitely doesn’t matter because it is very nice!

Interior: The phone case has the ability to hold several cards and has a slot to hold bills as well.

Extras: The phone case comes with a wrist strap as well, which can definitely add to the items perceived value!

Downside: We had zero complaints about the quality of this item.

Mockups: 5/5 Ninja Stars

Upside: WC Fulfillment has adequate mockups for you to download for this product. They are all very high quality and easy to use.

All of our mockups ratings are based on quantity, quality and ease of use.

WC Fulfillment has a ton of mockups and they show the product in all different angles. They open in Photoshop and can easily be edited.

Downside: No downsides with mockups.

Overall Rating
4.6 Ninja Stars

Upside: Honestly before I received this phone case I did not think they were nice nor did I think they were an item that could have an entire store built around it.

Now that I have one in my hands, it makes me want to start an entire phone case store!

Definitely very nice, and something I would be comfortable selling!

Downside: No major downsides with the item.