Print On Demand T-Shirts (Printful, WC Fulfillment & Printify)

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Hey gang – Joe Robert here! Excited to bring you this AWESOME mashup of 3 t-shirt reviews in one.

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We’re taking a closer look at the Gildan Soft-Style tee from Printful, the Unisex Tee from WC Fulfillment, and the Gildan Ultra Cotton tee from Printify.

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Ninja Star Ratings are based on 5 key categories defining an items quality and perceived value.

  1. Price
  2. Shipping/Fulfillment Time
  3. Design/Product Match
  4. Quality
  5. Mock-ups

Check out Printful and get more information on their website here.
Check out WC Fulfillment and get more information on their website here.
Check out Printify and get more information on their website here.


Printful: $8.95 | 5/5 Ninja Stars
WC Fulfillment: $8.99 | 4/5 Ninja Stars
Printify: $7.20 | 4/5 Ninja Stars

*Prices shown for WC Fulfillment are with a premium account which costs $8.99 a month. If you do not have a premium WC Fulfillment account this shirt costs 10.99

**Prices shown for Printify are with a premium account which costs $19.99 a month and gives you a 20% discount on all of their products.

Upsides: All 3 of the t-shirts are priced to sell. You can sell these on your store from $22-$29 and make some great margin!

Downsides: Nothing major, we gave Printful a 5/5 stars as this price is pretty competitive and you don’t need a premium account to get it.

Shipping/Fulfillment Time: 

Printful: 5/5 Ninja Stars
WC Fulfillment: 4/5 Ninja Stars
Printify: 4/5 Ninja Stars

Upside: These items shipped SUPER fast, which is awesome.

All 3 items took 3 days to reach me once shipped. Production times were within the estimates given by all 3 companies.

Shipping Costs: Printful was $2.86, Printify was $4.50 & WC Fulfillment was $3.99.

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Downside: We gave Printful 5/5 stars for this category because they use live shipping rates which calculates your shipping cost based on your location. This means you are only paying for exactly what it actually costs to ship your item/

The others use a flat rate, which makes things easier but at the same time it seems pricey compared to Printful. For example, Printify is over $4 to ship when Printful is under $3.

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Design/Product Match:

Printful: 5/5 Ninja Stars
WC Fulfillment: 5/5 Ninja Stars
Printify: 5/5 Ninja Stars

Upside: This category is all about how the product looks compared to the mockups generated on the POD app. We also look at how easy it was to create using the POD app’s template. All 3 look identical to the final product. (see video above to see examples)

Downside: No downsides found with the design creator and template.


Printful: 5/5 Ninja Stars
WC Fulfillment: 5/5 Ninja Stars
Printify: 5/5 Ninja Stars

Upside: The shirts are nice. Print quality is great considering it is DTG (Direct To Garment). It is not easy to get a 5/5 Ninja Star rating for quality but these shirts were just fine, we couldn’t find a way to take away points.

Downside: No downsides with quality.

Mockups: 5/5 Ninja Stars

Printful: 1/5 Ninja Stars
WC Fulfillment: 5/5 Ninja Stars
Printify: 0/5 Ninja Stars

Oh boy – this is where some of these apps need to REALLY step up their game and help out the sellers.

Upside: WC Fulfillment has adequate mockups for you to download for this product. They are all very high quality and easy to use and they have received 5/5 stars for this category. They have garment only mockups, human mockups and even mockups that showcase an entire outfit with your shirt next to a pair of pants and shoes. Just awesome.

Downside: We took away major points here.

Printify just broke a record. They received ZERO stars for the first time ever in a Ninja Star rating for this category. They only have one garmet only mockup for this product and it does not help the seller out at all. You will likely need to go find a way to get more mockups on your store so you can actually show the customer.

Printful received 1 star for this category. They have human mockups for male and female, and a garment only one but that’s it.

Mockups help sellers sell more shirts. Plain and simple.

Overall Ratings

Printful: 4.2 Nina Stars
WC Fulfillment: 4.6 Ninja Stars
Printify: 3.6

Okay so here’s the thing. All of these shirts are nice. The print quality is great, shipping is fast and the costs for all 3 shirts are pretty competitive.

They’re all also printed in the USA.

You are going to have to see which one works best for your business. The category that really tipped the scales was the mockups section.

WC Fulfillment really shines here as they have TONS for you to use. Printful has a few, and Printify has just one…

Stay tuned for more t-shirt reviews coming soon from other apps!

Thanks for stopping by!

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