[4.6 Ninja Stars] WC Fulfillment: AOP Zip Hoodie

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Hey gang – Joe Robert here! Excited to bring you this review of the “AOP Zip Hoodie”. Basically this is an AOP hoodie that has printing on the inside lining as well from WC Fulfillment!

*Note – we did not pay for this item, it was sent free of charge for us to review!

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  1. Price
  2. Shipping/Fulfillment Time
  3. Design/Product Match
  4. Quality
  5. Mock-ups

Check out WC Fulfillment and get more information on their website here.

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Price: 4/5 Ninja Stars

With Premium: $29.99
Without Premium: $34.99

*Prices shown are with a WC Fulfillment premium account which costs $9.99 a month. Read more about premium accounts here.

Upside: With a premium WC Fulfillment account your price of $29.99 will allow you to make some decent margin with this.

The inside lining will certainly help the item to sell as it ads to the perceived value of the product.

Downside: Pricing at $50 would give you great margins but any lower would likely make it tough to make any real money with this product.

Typically, to successfully sell a hoodie you’d have to price it below $50 but because this is a hoodie that allows for printing on the interior lining you may be able to convert at that price or higher.

Shipping/Fulfillment Time: 4/5 Ninja Stars

Shipping for this item is $4.99 and including production time it took us about 14 days to receive it.

This isn’t the worst we’ve ever seen but you’re likely to have to do some damage control with your customers with it taking two weeks to deliver.

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Design/Product Match: 5/5 Ninja Stars

Shown to the side is the design print file.

Upside: It looks identical to the final product. You can even see that the small details in the black camo part of the design even printed clearly!

Interior Printing

Downside: No downsides found with the design creator and template.

Quality: 5/5 Ninja Stars

If you’ve never seen an AOP (All Over Printed) product that uses sublimation to print designs on the product you might think the print quality of this item is not great or at least you might not think it should be a 5/5 stars.

Here’s the thing, with AOP products you are always going to see a SLIGHT blurriness to any sharp lines, or lettering. i’ve tried to showcase pictures to show you what I mean but it is so minuscule it cannot be seen on the photos and videos.

With that said, this is very good sublimation printing and is why we’ve given it 5/5 stars.

The polyester fabric is also very nice. Sometimes with AOP products they feel very thin, or like plastic. This feels super close to an actual cotton hoodie, which is great!

Downside: No downsides with quality.

Mockups: 5/5 Ninja Stars

Upside: WC Fulfillment has adequate mockups for you to download for this product. They are all very high quality and easy to use.

Backside Print Details

All of our mockups ratings are based on quantity, quality and ease of use.

WC Fulfillment has a ton of mockups and they show the product in all different angles. They open in Photoshop and can easily be edited. As always, we love how many WC Fulfillment has for you to use and it will make selling these boards even easier!

Downside: No downsides with mockups.

Overall Rating
4.6 Ninja Stars

Upside: Totally a great product. Something you can add to an existing store or brand or even something that you can build something new around. Thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this one for you guys!

The quality is awesome, like 100% something that I wouldn’t of thought was possible with print on demand. You won’t have any complaints at all about poor printing or quality control issues like you see with DTG products.

Mockups for this product are amazing. WC Fulfillment always makes sure they have great mockups for you to use and the delivered with this one too!

AOP Zip Hoodie

Downside: This product lost points in two categories. The first was price, and the second was shipping/fulfillment.

Getting 5/5 stars for pricing is difficult and because you need a premium account to get this item at $29.99 we deducted one point.

Secondly, with shipping we deducted one point not because the experience was bad but because with the total time taking multiple weeks to receive you may have some customers who complain.

Overall though, I do not think that this shipping time is bad, it is expected when ordering from China. 4/5 stars is a great score, just not perfect.

Thanks for stopping by!

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